Fit Your health into the Chaos!

Summer is almost here.

 THE KIDS ARE HOME!!! Summer has arrived!

THE KIDS ARE HOME!!! Summer has arrived!

And you know what that means….


How will you ever get anything done, let alone find time for you?
You throw your hands in the air and grieve the loss of your daily work and workOUT routine.

What if you could keep up with your fitness goals despite the demands of little people all day long?

What if you had a plan in place to keep you rock steady in your your most important goals?

What would it feel like, if you found yourself maintaining your workout all summer long without thinking about it?

What would your summer feel like if you were able to
fit your health into the chaos?

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6-week program to set yourself up for summer success.

Runs May 5th - June 15th
Online via Zoom video conference & private Facebook Group


OR: $177 Before April 29th

Introducing Your Coaches:

Emily Jones: Health Coach
Free Spirit Coaching


selena maestas: Life Coach
love you more project

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Emily and Selena will walk you through this  6-week program
to ensure your summer success!

They understand how important it is for you to continue to care for yourself through the demands of your job and being a mom. They want to motivate you to keep, or perhaps UPGRADE, your current routine to allow you the energy (and stamina) to keep up with the rigors of summer FUN.

Mom guilt doesn’t have to be an obstacle.

Time can be created in your day.

You will be prepared for summer success!

running shoes

How does it work?

Emily will be guiding you through your nutrition and fitness.

Selena will teach you how to change the way you think. (and help turn down the volume of your inner critic!)

Both will help you create new habits, and a strong positive mind, to keep you moving all summer long.

Here’s the magic you'll receive:

  • A solid plan for workouts and nutrition
  • Serious accountability with weekly check-in forms
  • Weekly coaching with Emily and Selena! That's 5 Hours of Live Coaching! GOLD!
  • Community support with a private Facebook group
  • Loads of tools for mindset, time-management, workouts, and meal planning! 126 meals w/recipes + shopping lists!

If you are tired of losing ground on your health goals every time summer rolls around, we’ve got you covered!

We begin on May 5th,
for six weeks of “training” to  set yourself up for summer success!

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Here's a snapshot of your 6-Week Program:


Week One                                                                                       
Goal Planning Session
Intro to Mindset + Nutrition & the Brain

Week Two
Mind Your Thoughts +  Stress & Fitness

Week Three
Half-way Check-in
Doubt + Body Image

Week Four - (lighter week!)
Self-Respect + Self-Care

Week Five
Time management + Organization

Week Six
Wrap Up Session
Confidence + Wins & New Goals

Are You Ready for the Summer?
Join us to Set Yourself UP for Success!

6-Week Program to set yourself up for summer success.

Runs May 5th - June 15th
Online via Zoom video conference & private Facebook Group

OR: $177 Before April 29th

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Beachbody On Demand: over 600 workouts!
  • Shakeology and Performance Line

If you are interested in this add-ons, please email Emily at