Welcome to the Love YOU More Project!


The Love YOU More Project

Hi, I'm Selena. I'm the Founder of the Love YOU More Project.

I believe that women should value their significance in this world. My quest is to help women understand their importance to this life, this space, and to themselves.

I have created a community, a safe space for women of all ages, to validate their need for more out of life and guide them to work on their self-discovery of loving themselves, just as they are.

I believe we need rediscover who we are, be that in your current stage of life or before expectations and obligations of life got in the way. 

Why am I so passionate about this? I'll let you take a look at my story here ---> ABOUT Selena


Welcome to
The Love YOU More Project

The first step into making the leap from "not good enough" to "you matter" is simple -- uncover what you want.

I'm a believer of discovering your non-negotiables. These are the beliefs you hold and the pieces of life that you desire that are not up for negotiation. The piece of self-discovery will put you on a solid path of your Love YOU More journey.

This is a downloadable guide that gives you a peek into your needs, desires, and your non-negotiables for life! It takes just 15 minutes to move you one step closer to Loving YOU More.

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