Write the story you want to live.

A long time ago you had a vision.

You were passionate.
You were excited by life.
You chose to do things you loved.
You took care of you.

You had an amazing life. You were amazing.

Somewhere along the way you stopped writing your own story and started playing the role somebody else wrote for you.

Wife, mother, friend, daughter.
Plus work, chauffeur, cook, cleaner …


You are amazing at fulfilling your obligations and living up to others expectations (though some days you feel like you can’t even do that right).

But you don’t recognize yourself anymore.

You’ve lost your spark. You’ve lost your way.

Here’s a secret:
You can reclaim that vision, that passion, that excitement.

You can rewrite your story and create a life you love.

Did you get a little tingle just thinking about that—and then a quick “I can’t”?

You can.

If you find yourself saying:

“I can’t" to things that sound amazing,
“I don't have time" to the things you want most,
“I have too many responsibilities.” Maybe someday...

It's time to rewrite your story.

How would your life change if you fully embraced your true desires?

Stop and really think about that for a minute.

Would you change jobs, start a business, put yourself out there more?
Would you spend more time with your friends, get back in shape, reconnect with your creativity?

What would your life look like if you were in charge? (Because you are.)

Imagine being able to:

  • Put your needs before others
  • Protect your space and your schedule
  • Simplify your life and get rid of “busy”
  • Connect with friends more deeply
  • Feel like you were on top of everything instead of drowning all the time.
  • Dare to dream.
  • Realize that you do have time for your dreams
Selena empowered me to actually say Yes where I needed to, and to push away the guilty feelings around the fear of missing out or not doing everything at once.

— Tiffany Kilkpatrick

What do you really want?

You are so good at making sure others get what they want, but when’s the last time somebody asked you that? (When’s the last time you asked yourself that?)

When you get really clear on what you want for you—not what you are supposed to want or what you want for others or what others want for you—you’ve started.

You deserve to live a life you want. And I can help (even if you aren’t sure what you really want).


Hi, I'm Selena. 

Hi, I’m Selena. I believe that women undervalue their significance in this world. My mission is to show women their importance to this life, this space, and to themselves. Creating a sisterhood for love and support has been pure magic.

I've helped hundreds of women drill down into what they really want in life and make major changes.

One started a business.

Another stopped missing out on precious moments with friends and family because she was trying to do too much.

Another found everything changed when she moved through all parts of her life with more self-confidence and focus.

What will you do?


It all starts with a shift in perspective.

Every woman I see take control of her life—and learn to love it—starts by defining her non-negotiables. Putting your non-negotiables—the things you do for you—first is a game changer.

But it isn’t easy, that’s why I’ll guide you through the process, connect you with tools, and bring together a group of women for support.

You can put you first. You can put yourself back in the starring role in your story.

This workshop is a part of everyone’s journey. It is life changing.

— Abbi Wood

Changing your life starts NOW.

You have a million reasons why now isn’t the time.

You’re too busy.
Your kids need you.
Your parents are sick.

Work is crazy. ‘You can’t even read your calendar because there are so many things on it. You’re exhausted.

And maybe a little voice whispering, Don’t be selfish. Your life is fine. Don’t rock the boat.

But your life isn’t fine. You know that deep inside. You know that something has to give or change. You just don’t know what. And putting you as a priority feels selfish.

I’ve been there. I've been exhausted, full of doubt, and unsure of where the "real" me went. I felt like I had to take care of everyone else first.

I’ve rewritten my story and reclaimed my life. Now I work with women to help them see their magnificence and reclaim their life. You can reclaim your life. You are worthy of being seen and heard as YOUR true self.

And that starts with rediscovering who you are and what you really want.

“Selena is amazing at guiding you through finding your true self. She is fun and funny and compassionate! All so important on this sort of journey! I highly recommend the workshop! You will feel amazing simply because you went! You will feel different, in a good way, because you gave yourself some thought! In the days following the workshop, I have felt happier, more in the moment and less guilty for doing things for myself!! Give it try! You will only benefit!!!”

— Barb Kemper

Become the you that you WANT to be.

I’m going to guess you aren’t your truest self right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become the person you want to be.

Rewrite Your Story is a one-day intensive workshop that helps you discover who you want to be, what you want, and how to get there.

I’ll guide you and an intimate group of women through discussions and exercises to uncover three key ingredients to the life you want:

1. Your non-negotiables —Discover and reprioritize the things you need to do for yourself, the things that must come first, but usually come last.

2. Your true desires—You have dreams that you are hiding, maybe even from yourself. We’ll unpack those and what’s holding you back from following them.

3. What you are ready to shed—We’re going to get radically honest about what you need to let go of to get what you want. Sounds scary? It is — and so lightening and empowering.

Don’t worry if you don’t know who you want to be. Our work together will guide you to the answers inside of you. I’ll help you explore what you need and deeply want.

You will throw out old stories and reframe the expectations of yourself that don’t fit. In the process, you’ll create positive patterns and rewrite your story.

I create a supportive, safe environment where you can speak your heart, clear your mind, and walk away feeling ready to take on the world.

Show up for you … and feel damn good about it.

The Love YOU More workshop was fantastic. Not only was the content great, the delivery was awesome. Selena is a wonderful facilitator. You can tell she really loves this work, and walks the talk. It was a perfect combination of material presented, self-reflection, sharing, and art creation.The biggest benefit for me was seeing a recurring theme that showed up in all the activities. It made me realize that to love myself more, I would need to be consistent in my self-care and spirituality. Since the workshop, I’ve been practicing that, and the results have been incredible. It’s helping my life flow more smoothly. I highly recommend you attend at least once!
— Vanessa Smith, Life Coach & Intuitive,
Selena is kind and approachable and literally there all year long with you in her intimate online community. She doesn’t collect a fee, teach you a couple hippy dippy mantras, and vanish. You’re paying for real tools, a real facilitator, and an ongoing community to help you follow through. Selena and The Love YOU More Project is legit.
— Eva Kelley

Get back your passion. Get back your spark!

With Rewrite Your Story,

  • YOU learn more about yourself in ways you’ve never explored.

  • YOU find more clarity about what you want out of life.

  • YOU finally let go - without guilt, shame, or fear.

  • YOU find a tribe to support your progress -- and extended time with them AFTER the workshop.

  • YOU let go of exhaustion and embrace excitement for life.

  • YOU become a you that you’re happy to see every day—and want to have seen.

It's time to rewrite your story.


Rewrite Your Story
Intensive Workshop



 Attend this workshop if: 

  • You need time to just BE
  • You are ready to live life differently
  • You are ready to rediscover your true self
  • You want to have a strong, loving relationship with yourself
  • You want to feel passionate and excited about your own life again
  • You love the support and conversation of other women

You will get:

  • Guidance and coaching throughout the process
  • Rewrite Your Story Intensive workbook
  • Support and permission
  • Vision board supplies
  • Coffee, tea, wine, and snacks
  • Connection after the workshop itself

Love you more. Love your life more.

Write YOUR Story‚ and love it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

The Waterman Building