Wouldn't it be great to have someone to give you feedback on your ideas?
How about a small group of someones?
With amazing constructive feedback and maybe a lead or contact to help you grow you brainchild?
What if you could ask business questions and get answers from someone who has been there and done that?

Well, let me just tell you, it's amazing and was the BEST thing I had ever done.

I created a small accountability and mastermind group in the Fall of 2015 thanks to The MOB NW facebook group. There was an ask for in-person meetings in different areas of the city. I gladly coordinated the East-side group. The six of us have been together ever since. We all agree that the value of a safe space to spill our guts about our business, our struggle, and even our personal lives with strong, solid, beneficial feedback is priceless.  We have all grown leaps and bounds within that time!

With a little nudging from said group of 6 people, I decided to offer a very similar idea to women in business who need a core group to turn to when they need support, ideas, and answers.

With the partnership with the amazing wordsmith, Abbi Wood, I would like to announce:

Master (YOUR) Mind in Business 

Master (YOUR) Mind is an online mastermind group for a max of 8 people. Abbi and I will facilitate the discussion and provide you with the space for accountability and exchange of ideas. It will be structured in a way that ensures you all get what you need in our time together, plus a space to communicate between meetings.

We also bring our own expertise in business -- Abbi --> wordsmithing and a very keen eye for detail in not just words, but your thought process as well.

Selena (me!) --> mentor and already a facilitator of safe conversation of women, as well as a lover of organization and 90-day planning! And, if you are stuck in a cycle or in your own head, I will surely help you find your way out.

So why a Mastermind?

  • Accountability that counts! It REALLY works. Just like networking, people get out what they put in -- each participant is committed to offering the quality of constructive feedback they would wish to receive.

  • A varied group with a mix of industries works well because unique perspectives are brought to the table.

  • Expert input and guidance from the facilitators.

  • Bonus: Guidance and support throughout the weeks between meetings in the Facebook group.

  • Extra bonus for participants: Additional discounts and services from your faciliatators

The investment: $97/month 

*This includes one free 60 minute session with Selena
*Alliance Members get 50% off for this Beta test group only

Logistics of the Mastermind

There is an application for admission into the mastermind. It behooves all of us if you come to the group ready to give your all to your business, yourself, and each other. Commitment is key.

Zoom meetings every other week: Online meetings will eliminate travel time and offers flexibility to participate.

Time frame: 1.5 hours/meeting

Participants: 5-8 per group

Meeting times: T or Th 9a - 10:30  (you may still apply if this time doesn't work for you. If we have enough interest, we may be able to add another group)

Commitment: A 6-month trial period for this Beta group. Moving forward, a commitment of 12 months will be required as the benefits build on each other with time and we can all witness the growth of each person and business.

Facilitators: Selena Maestas and Abbi Wood -- Working together for over a year now, we bring a pairing that plays well together to offer our insight, run a good group, stay on task, and create a fun and creative culture while also getting down to business! Having two facilitators also builds in a backup plan in case one of us can’t make it. You know, the kids get sick or life happens. One of us will always be there.

The investment: $97/month 

*This includes one free 60 minute session with Selena
*Alliance Members get 50% off for this Beta test group only


Structure of Meetings:

First meeting: getting to know one another and their businesses

Consecutive meetings for each mastermind participant:

  • Update on business progress over the previous two weeks

  • Answer for the main accountability focus of the previous meeting

  • Moving forward: needed ideas, help, and input

  • Assign the next goal for accountability

Support between meetings:

  • Confirmation of goals for members to work towards
  • Weekly check-ins on progress towards goals
  • Open Q&A support available and provided by the facilitators

The investment: $97/month 

*This includes one free 60 minute session with Selena
*Alliance Members get 50% off for this Beta test group only

In our experience, benefits are seen immediately and cumulatively as participants stay with the program. BUT (there is a but), like with anything else -- only if participants are committed to the process and program. As such, we would want to receive and review applications prior to acceptance to ensure a solid mutual fit with the interests of all in mind.

If you would like to apply for our Beta group -- 6 month commitment, please do so HERE (link)