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Change your mind; 
Lead your life.

You want to believe in yourself.

You want to confidently charge what you are worth.

You want to claim space in the world instead of hiding.

You want to have freedom to be present with your children.

You want to love all of who you are and be a role model to your kids.

You can do all of this, once you decide to change the way you think.

Instead of reacting to life,
what if you understood the power you have to lead your life?


I can show you how to harness that power.

I can teach you how to become the leader, the working woman, and the mother you dreamed to be.


My clients understand they have the superpower of choice.

They kick ass with confidence.

They build and lead businesses.

They rock motherhood.

They don’t waste energy on what other people think.

They create boundaries. They put their needs first. They love themselves without apology.

And they inspire other women to do the same.


How can this program create results?

First, it teaches you how to rid yourself of the excuses by looking at the root of the fear.

Secondly, It allows you to manage your emotions so you can take action with clarity.

And finally, it demands you to have the utmost respect for yourself, so you confidently claim your space in this world.


Are you a woman who’s committed to be the leader in your own growth?

Are you ready to change your mind about how you believe in yourself?

It’s time to Lead your Life.


Become a life leader by engaging in a supportive learning environment.

You are capable of uncovering:

  • Freedom from your negative thoughts 
  • Courage you didn't believe existed
  • Strength to stand up for yourself
  • Clarity to take action
  • Power to show up in life
  • Love for ALL of who you are

What's missing is the motivation and accountability to sustain forward movement. This group of women will be your tribe. 


You are ready to

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The Life Leaders Exclusive Membership Experience is an ongoing commitment to your personal and professional growth, with monthly topics and space to focus on ONE area of self-discovery at a time.

You will have the chance to meet other women leaders, work through hot topics that keep you stuck, receive consistent help and guidance, and have a secret Facebook group to support you.


I know the stumbling blocks that set themselves up in your path:

  • Lack of Boundaries with yourself or others.
  • Guilt from a place of less-than thinking.
  • Hiding your truth and desires behind everyone else’s emotions and needs.

And I will help you conquer these challenges so you can live life on your terms:

  • Drilling down what you desire out of life.
  • Creating more than enough time for the things that matter.
  • Confidence in your right to claim space in the world.
  • Leading your life from a place of deep self-love and respect.
  • Being the ambitious, loving woman you dream to be.

Next Enrollment Period is

June 22nd - 30th

First Group Video Conference for June: Sunday, July 1st

Topic for July: BODY IMAGE


Life Leaders Membership

$47 monthly, minimum of 3 months
$137 in full for 3 months
$470 in full for 12 months (2 months free)

Sign up now and lock in your Membership experience for as long as you like!


How it works:

First, you click the link below and join the Life Leaders Membership Experience. You will receive a welcome email shortly after, to explain how to gain access to your tools. As a member, you will also be privy to special offers reserved for VIP members only.

We will meet twice a month for a video group coaching call. This is where we dig into the work, explore the method of changing the way you see your life, and receive focused coaching. You will have opportunities to gather feedback from the other leaders in the group and myself.  

You will be invited to a secret Facebook group for added support, and more opportunity for feedback on the “homework”, so even if you miss the video group coaching call, you’re still covered.  The accountability that you will have in this group will keep you consistently moving forward!

You can join anytime. Next session begins April 1st.

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Life Leaders Membership

$47 monthly, minimum of 3 months**
$137 in full for 3 months
$470 in full for 12 months (2 months free)

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The Life Leaders Exclusive Membership Experience is for women like you who are ready to take a stand for themselves.

No more status quo.
No more complacency.
No more comfy little bubble.

Stretch yourself.
Expand your way of thinking.
Become the leader in your life.

Show up to life in a big way.
Join the Life Leaders Membership Experience.


**Membership requires a minimum commitment of 3 months. You may cancel after the 3 months, however, when you re-enter Life Leaders at a later date, you will be charged the current price at that time, which may be different than the price you paid initially. 

If you join Life Leaders mid-month, your membership will not officially begin until the 1st of the following month. 

You will need to have access to an internet connection as the material will be delivered online.


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1. How does the value stack up against a stand-alone group program?
Group programs range from 7 days to 6 weeks at a price point between $97 - $247. We move quickly through the topics, and while you have a support system for the length of the program, many people still require more time to process and implement this life-changing information. Moving through the topics over a one-month period provides value that is impossible to label. I can tell you that you will have unlimited accountability and support through your process, at your pace.

2. How are the materials delivered?
All the worksheets will be delivered via email and a library page that will allow you to download what you need as you go. 

3. What is ZOOM?
Zoom is a platform that I use for video conferencing. It is free for you to use. All you need to do is download the app ( to your computer or mobile device. All ZOOM invites for our conference video calls will come to you via email AND posted in the Facebook Group.

4. How are payments processed?
At this time, payments are processed through paypal. If you choose a monthly payment, we will set up a recurring automatic withdrawal of the monthly fee -- still through paypal. If you do not have a paypal account, you can still use paypal! 

5. How do I access the closed Facebook Group?
When you register, you will receive an email giving you the instructions necessary to have access to the Facebook Group. I will have to approve you in order for you to be accepted, so please be patient. I will add you as soon as possible!

6. How do you choose the topics?
I choose the topics based on what my clients and group members request. If you have a topic that you would like to focus on, please feel free to email me so I can add it to the list!

7. What are the other perks of being a member in the Life Leader Exclusive Membership Experience?
Besides have the ongoing support and the guidance you desire, you will be privy to any upcoming programs, events, or specials before anyone else. You will receive surprise bonuses. And you will create bonds with the other members that can turn into amazing friendships!

8. Do I have to own a business?
Owning a business is not required, however, there will be focus on working women in this group. The focus is on how to lead your life in a way that you desire -- so if you work part-time, full-time, own your business, or are looking to get back into the work force, you will be learning how to lead yourself stronger in all areas of life. 

9. Do I have to be a mother?
Motherhood is not a requirement, however, there will be focus on motherhood. Many women who work have children, which can add another level of guilt, stress, and denial of self-love. If you are a working woman who wants to be a role model for the youth and struggles with balancing all the emotional, financial, and physical strains of this combination, you will be served well in this group.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at