Lovely, do you understand how important you are
to this space, this life, and to yourself?

You are a luscious, sensual, gorgeous woman who deserves more than flowers once a year and 5 minutes of 'YOU' time.

You deserve to embrace your femininity and delight in self-indulgence.

Does this mean shopping sprees and spa days?


But I have something for you that is much more accessible.

It's no secret that self-love and self-care are part of our overall health.

The problem is, many of us feel extreme guilt when we take time just for ourselves.

Or, there is the added pressure of doing self-care. It becomes another "chore" on our To-Do list.

 And, we aren't sure what that really means and how it's supposed to look! I mean, how are we supposed to get self-care right?

Lovely, it's okay. I've got something that you are going to LOVE.


How would it feel to make the decision to delight in the sacred space that is YOU?

What would it be like to learn a new skill to embody your flirtatious, fun, and sassy ways?

What if we could show you new ways to Love YOU More that are easy and exciting?

Give yourself permission. It's time for you to be pampered.

Your Experts: Ashley Roda, Sophia Treyger, Shannon Meade, Suzie Sandoval, and Selena Maestas Moffitt.

Your Experts: Ashley Roda, Sophia Treyger, Shannon Meade, Suzie Sandoval, and Selena Maestas Moffitt.

We have 5 experts inviting you to a new type of self-love.

These experts (including myself) have inspired radical change in hundreds of women. From style to permission, these ladies know how to bring on the love and help you shine. They know their stuff and are ready to pamper YOU.

You'll have new tools to bring into your life.

You'll start to understand how easy it can be (and how fun!) to take time for you on a frequent basis - in fact, it could easily become part of your daily routine! Self-care won't look or feel like work, but will be something you embody and truly hold sacred.

You have permission to Love YOU More.

Beginning February 29, there will 5 days of expert tips to amplify your vibration and tickle your fancy.

The Experts:


These women know their stuff and will share their amazing knowledge and energy with you! Permission to Pamper will bring you back to a place of valuing how important you are to all of those you love, but most importantly, how much fun it will be to recharge your batteries and get back to loving YOU.

Take 5 minutes, for 5 days, to pamper yourself in a whole new way.

It's our gift to YOU and the Love YOU More evolution of women.

I'm sorry, Permission to Pamper is FULL! 

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