Stop the Overwhelm!


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Wouldn't you like more time for the things that matter most?

Life is busy.
But how busy does it have to be?
Why is it that we feel the need to do all the things in order to keep up?
What are we trying to prove?

It's time to get back to what truly matters in our life and say NO to "busy."


You’ll explore your personal brand of busy.

Are you:

Exhausted Emily?
Frantic Felicia?
Confused Christy?

Whichever one you identify with, you’ll have a chance to explore the foundations and be given the opportunity to rewrite it.

Exhausted to easy; frantic to fabulous; confused to clear.

At the end of it all, you’ll:

Have more days where you feel accomplished, yet relaxed.
Create time for those moments where you are fully present.
Experience a day in your life when you say NO to "busy."

Take back your life and say NO to "busy!"

Get Clear On: 

The WHY of your busy-ness.
Taming the need to do.
Rewriting your story

Guidance. Support. Space.
Just for you.


You are ready to do life differently.

As a mom it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves and continue to make our needs a priority. I had the privilege of getting to know Selena during her “saying NO! To the glorification of busy” workshop. It helped me rewrite my busy and refocus my time. So worth the time and money!
— Becca Swanson, Lularoe - Portland

This is a self-guided program for you to do at your own pace. To keep you moving forward, you will receive a daily email with a companion worksheet. You will also have an option to download the entire program if you choose. 


This is for you if:

  • You are busy
  • You are exhausted
  • You are over-obligated 
  • You deserve to take a breath

You will learn:

  • Your personal brand of "busy"
  • Your non-negotiables
  • How to create time to breathe
  • How to say NO to "busy"
  • How to rewrite your "busy" story



You have access to:

  • Daily Videos
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • The Facebook Group
  • The option to download everything at once. 

Start living a FULL life instead of a BUSY life.

You are ready to grab this course,
but know that life will get you sidetracked.


Instead of 7-Days, how about 90 minutes?


You can dive deep into the Say NO to BUSY course for radical change!

This offer includes the Say NO to BUSY program + 90 min Zoom meeting with Selena.


See What People are Saying!

I took Say No to Busy the first time Selena offered it and I discovered so many useful tools.

I am the household coordinator of my family and I own and operate a small hair salon. I always have more than I can do on my to do list but I was always hopeful I could complete it all anyway!

In the course I was able to see why I actually felt so busy during the time blocking activity and what I could do about it. I have implemented a few time saving techniques since then and I will never go back to overloading myself and missing out on my precious moments with my friends and family.

Thank you Selena for creating this opportunity for me to take my control of my schedule!
— Jessi, Owner/operator of - Portand
 Tiffany K.   

Tiffany K.   

  Jessi                                                                     photo by Dijana Szewczyk Photography

Jessi                                                                     photo by Dijana Szewczyk Photography

I wasn’t sure what I would get from the Say No To Busy course but I was willing to give it a try if it would help me simplify my life. I already had my Passion Planner and my family shares a google calendar. I felt pretty organized with my color coding and methods of keeping track of the busy.

This course gave me three really important tools.

First, it helped me identify my non-negotiables. I never realized that I didn’t have them identified but NOW I know what HAS to be listed on my calendar.

Second, I always felt busy but when you looked at my calendar I only had two or three things listed. I have toddlers and I work from home, which means I’m ALWAYS busy but I didn’t have them listed down. This helped me see how I needed to break things down further, and only list tasks that could be accomplished. Thinking MICRO instead of MACRO.

Third, once my non-negotiables were listed, and my micro tasks were accounted for, the Say No To Busy course empowered me to actually say Yes where I needed to and to push away the guilty feelings around the fear of missing out or not doing ‘everything at once’.

I plan on taking this course at least a few times a year for maintenance purposes and making sure I keep my head clear.
— Tiffany Kilpatrick, Instructor for Fit4Mom of SE Portland - Happy Valley