Welcome to the Love YOU More Project!


The Love YOU More Project

Hi, I'm Selena. I’m a Life Coach and a Keynote Speaker.

I believe that women should value their significance and see their possibility. My quest is to help women understand their importance to this life, this space, and to themselves.

When you can own our worth, you can reclaim your life. This will liberate you out of confusion and into clarity.  Instead of living in your past, you will begin to live in your possibility!

How exciting is that?!

Welcome to
The Love YOU More Project

The first step into making the leap from "not good enough" to "you matter" is simple -- uncover what you want.

I'm a believer of discovering your non-negotiables. These are the beliefs you hold and the pieces of life that you desire that are not up for negotiation. The piece of self-discovery will put you on a solid path of your Love YOU More journey.

This is a downloadable guide that gives you a peek into your needs, desires, and your non-negotiables for life! It takes just 15 minutes to move you one step closer to Loving YOU More.

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