What would you have given to be SEEN?

As a girl, how often did you seek a nod of approval? Did you crave love and attention?

At what lengths did you go to feel like a priority to someone, anyone?

And now, you are a mother, a spouse, a business owner, a caregiver, and a nurturer. 

You give and love until your cup runs dry and you feel obligated to magically create more 

Still seeking that praise...at the expense of YOU.

Ladies, how did we let obligation and expectation take over our lives?

I believe that we are unconsciously activating an old energy dynamic, a pattern of behavior, that has roots in the push-pull between ourselves and our mothers.

We are all daughters.
Daughters just waiting to be SEEN.

It’s time to upgrade those patterns. Break the mold. 

It’s time to make YOU a priority.

Wouldn't it be nice to step into who YOU desire to be without the guilt, shame, or fear?

How would the relationship with you and your daughter (or you and your mother) improve if there was a shift was from expectation to realization of who you both are - separately and together?

The relationship and expectation between mothers and daughters is about to get REAL.

I've worked with hundreds of woman and guess what? Most of us have something to say about our mothers.

They shaped us and we shape our children too.

What I have found to be true is that there is a discussion that needs to take place to clear the STUCK energy between mothers and daughters.


Now is the time. 

I’ve been there. I now work with women to help them see their magnificence. Despite all the things you think you need to change about yourself,  I still SEE you and I LOVE you.

You will learn to Love YOU More.

Loving ourselves more sometimes means letting go of these horrible ideologies we have allowed ourselves to be party to. I feel more free now.....more able to love more...more released then I ever have...because I love me more. I love you Selena Maestas for helping me realize along with others that I deserve to be here. Thank you. Those words are too little for the amount of gratitude I feel, but it’s what we have. So thank you love.
— Tiffany Lange

Working in an intimate group of women, you will be guided through discussions and exercises to rekindle three relationships:

1. One with your mother

2. One with your daughter

3. One with yourself

Reframing the expectations of you and the women in  your life.

This supportive environment will bring out the best of your intentions and allow you to speak your heart, clear your mind, and walk away feeling ready to take on the world -- and have the new you be SEEN. 

You will give yourself permission
to make YOU a priority -
and feel damn good about it. 

The Love YOU More workshop was fantastic. Not only was the content great, the delivery was awesome. Selena is a wonderful facilitator. You can tell she really loves this work, and walks the talk. It was a perfect combination of material presented, self-reflection, sharing, and art creation.The biggest benefit for me was seeing a recurring theme that showed up in all the activities. It made me realize that to love myself more, I would need to be consistent in my self-care and spirituality. Since the workshop, I’ve been practicing that, and the results have been incredible. It’s helping my life flow more smoothly. I highly recommend you attend at least once!
— Vanessa Smith, Life Coach & Intuitive, www.dowhatfeedsyou.com

You will walk away with action steps to implement this 3-hour workshop into your life and have the support of a community behind you. The Love YOU More community is very strong. We want to welcome you into the fold. 

Can you imagine what it would feel like to move through life without all that anger and disappointment on your back? Without feeling STUCK? 

I’ll show you how. We’ll work through this together. 

You are stronger than you have ever imagined.
Let the Love YOU More environment  guide you. 

Selena has wonderful energy and responds so well to the needs of the group. By sharing her own transformational experiences, so inspires transformation in others. Selena helped me understand how vital dance is in my life. It has me thinking about my future and how I will love myself more.
— Amanda Carey

And in the end... 

YOU are going to have the opportunity to Let it Go - without guilt, shame, or fear. 

YOU are going to learn more about yourself in ways you’ve never explored.

YOU will build a better relationship with your mother and daughter (or son).

YOU will find more clarity about what you want out of life.

YOU will believe the little girl inside of YOU deserves to be SEEN. 

We all have mothers. We are all daughters. We all just want Love and Acceptance.

We all want to be somebody's priority.

Are you ready?


Register NOW

Love YOU More Manifesto Workshop: Mothers and Daughters


Art a la Carte

9129 NE Vancouver Mall Loop #130
Vancouver, Washington
Saturday, November 7th
10:00am - 1:00 pm

$donation only


Who is this workshop for: 

  • Mothers of all ages
  • Teenage or adult daughters
  • You can also come alone - YOU ARE a Mother AND a Daughter 

What will be provided:

  • Guidance and Coaching through the exercise
  • Support and permission
  • Supplies to make your art - Yes, there will be ART!

What you will need to bring:

  • Your fears and insecurities
  • Your willingness to receive hugs and love
  • A snack if you get hungry

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Selena@loveyoumoreproject.com